What is NSS and MMA??

NSS is short for Non Standard Salons & MMA is short for Methyl methacrylate.

You may know about or have heard the term NSS but what does that actually mean?? Basically a non standard salon is one that doesn’t follow procedures and/or hygiene protocols. The staff may not have proper training or insurance, scary eh?! The worst part is, its very common 😒

It is hard for you to know what a NSS is and how to avoid it, but here are some things to look out for and to think about;

– Are they qualified & insured?

– Is the environment clean & sanitary?

– Are they using products only intended for the nail industry, or are they using unregulated products?

– Do they follow health and safety protocols?

– Do they care about your natural nail health? 

– Have you completed a consultation form?

If any of the answers are ‘no’ to ANY of these questions, you are visiting a non standard salon!! So those salons you’ve been to and they’ve never asked you to fill out a consultation form, you guessed it… they are a non standard salon and are not following safe practice, this actually means they are working without insurance. It is a requirement to have correct and up to date consultation forms. If they don’t, then their insurance is void. Something to think about! 🧐

What about MMA?

MMA is a bonding agent which adheres much faster and stronger to the nail and can cause adverse reactions as well as severe nail damage. It is deemed unsafe for use in monomer (the liquid nail techs use). It is very very difficult to remove and file, it has a strange smell and is a lot cheaper. Please click here for some further reading. MMA can really damage your natural nails so please be careful and don’t be afraid to ask what products are being used. For MMA to stick, the nail is filed to within an inch of its life, that burning sore feeling? That should not be happening, don’t be afraid to ask questions or say if something hurts. If a salon is using MMA they are not following safe practice and you need to run outta there!!

All products I use are from professional brands which are manufactured in the EU & UK. They are safe, cruelty free, vegan friendly & after lots of research and trials, I use them with confidence on myself and my clients. I am fully insured & level 3 qualified and would never risk my client’s health!

I hope this has given you a bit of insight and knowledge when it comes to non standard salons. You may think you’d rather pay £20 and its only your nails but once you develop an allergy its game over! No going back! Don’t risk it and find a tech who looks after you & your nails!

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