What is Gel Polish??

Gel polish is sometimes referred to as shellac (which is a brand of gel polish) or a 2 week manicure and is the in-between of ordinary nail varnish and nail enhancements. It is temporary lasting up to 2 weeks chip free. (This varies from person to person and aftercare). Some clients can get 3+ weeks from their gel manicure but it isn’t recommended.

✨The process✨

The nails are prepped, filed and cuticles tidied ready for application. A base, colour and top coat are applied in layers and cured in a LED/UV lamp after each layer is applied.
Once your nails are finished, some cuticle oil is applied and your nails are fully dry! You don’t need to be careful & you can go about your day as normal without the worry of smudging your freshly painted nails!

Gel polish is perfect for everyday wear, special occasions and holidays. You can have varying designs, colours, glitter, foil, gems and nail art. There are hundreds of colours to choose from and I use the highly reputable brank Ink London. I have chosen to use this brand because everything is UK/EU compliant and they test all their products with their own chemist. They have everything I need for my business and I like that I can get everything from one company who is safe and professional.

Gel polish needs to be removed correctly to avoid damaging the nail. If you pick or peel it you can harm your natural nail. If proper aftercare is followed gel can help nails to grow and keep them strong whilst looking freshly manicured! If you’re on the fence about trying it, just give it a go.

Here are some top tips to keep your nails looking fresh 💅

✨ Do not pic at the product.

✨ Don’t use your nails as tools.

✨ Avoid hair dye, suncream and chlorine. Wipe immediately after contact.

✨ Avoid soaking in water.

✨ Always wear gloves when gardening, doing housework or washing up.

✨ Return to your nail technician for removal.

✨ Use cuticle oil daily.