You may have heard of gel polish which is sometimes referred to as shellac, a gel manicure or a 2 week manicure. Shellac is a brand of gel polish.

Gel polish has been around for some time now and is an excellent alternative to the ordinary nail varnish. Gel polish lasts up to 2 weeks without chips and scratches (depending on daily activity & aftercare) and doesn’t loose its shine or vibrant colour.

A nail enhancement adds length and shape to your nails as well as strength & design. I either use plastic tips which are attached to your nail or I will sculpt using forms. These are paper guides stuck to your finger tips and once the acrylic is applied I remove them. Everyone is different and it isn’t a one size fits all, but if you prefer a particular method please let me know. I tend to mainly sculpt as I find it creates a more natural finish, and is more comfortable for the client. 

Enhancements are very versatile because they can be any shape & length you choose. They can be for a one off special occasion or you may wish to wear them permanently & have them maintained every 2-3 weeks. Acrylic does not ruin your nails, poor application, not following aftercare & poor removal does! Your nails also do not need to have a break to ‘breathe’. Nails do not breathe!

Acrylic is placed over your natural nail for ultimate strength. This can be used if you have hard working hands, struggle to keep gel polish on or have particularly weak nails.

Need to get your feet flip flop ready?? Then why not treat those tootsie’s to a Callus peel! Hard callus skin on your heels is softened and removed, leaving you with smooth feet you will be proud to show off!! A perfect add on to your gel polish pedicure 👌

Waxing has been a popular hair removal method for centuries. I use warm wax which is removed with strips on larger areas of the body such as arms and legs and I use a hot wax on sensitive areas, such as the face, underarms and intimate. You will need a couple of weeks growth if you have shaved or 4 weeks growth if you are a regular waxer for ultimate results!