10 reasons to get your nails done!

We all love a treat from time to time but why should getting your nails done be just a treat?? We do our hair and other grooming regularly so why not our nails?

I’m going to list the reasons why you should be getting your nails done on the regular 💅🏼

1. It makes you feel GOOD about yourself!

2. Your hands & nails instantly look healthier! File into a shape, neaten those cuticles, nourish and moisturise. Our hands take a battering and can get so dry and sore.

3. The possibilities are endless! Whether you like a classic plain red or florescent glittery rainbows. Nail designs are so versatile, you can have whatever you want!

4. You will learn how to care for your hands and nails because your nail tech will provide you with aftercare advice.

5. You can unwind and have some ‘me time’.

6. You’ll want to show off your hands and nails proudly and your confidence will boost.

7. Your nails will feel stronger and healthier!

8. You can match or contrast your nails to an outfit.

9. You can relax and have a good natter with your nail tech, we really are like therapists. You can unload as much information as you wish and it won’t go anywhere.

10. Because you deserve to look after YOU!!

Look after yourself always, both mentally and physically. Take time for yourself and enjoy your manicure!

Lianne 😊

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